Rewarding Fundraising?
We take fundraising very seriously at Safety Smart Gearâ„¢. We work closely with your school or organization to provide you with the tools and resources to create dynamic fundraising and promotional campaigns to meet and exceed your financial and educational goals for schools, churches, sports, non-profit organizations and more.

Not popcorn, cookie dough, magazines or chocolate. Safety Smart Fundraising offers an awesome opportunity not only to raise a significant amount of money, but just as importantly raise awareness by sharing our welcomed search & rescue approved products with every individual and market across the board. Safety clearly defines a more educational, rewarding and Make a difference initiative for both today and tomorrow.

We invite you to join our growing team of socially responsible and safety conscious individuals and organizations that choose to make safety a priority Everyway & Everyday.

Benefits of working with Safety Smart Gear.
1) Safety Smart Gear truly cares about people and safety, not high profit scam's. We are involved in the community.
2) We have the ability to provide color printing for customized applications for all your fundraising needs.
3) Our staff has the knowledge and experience to provide you with clear and accountable numbers before and after your fundraiser.
4) Safety is in style for everyone.

We are here to assist you every step of the way

. Here are some guidelines for you to go by when considering a fundraiser. Please keep in mind that we urge you to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have about fundraising. Our experienced staff has answers to all of your questions.

Set Goals:
Setting a goal will focus your fundraising campaign and provide clear levels to attain. Without clear levels your campaign will lack direction and become stagnant for everyone involved.
Get everyone that is involved together. How many will be helping out? What is their expertise? The more that participate the more money you will raise for your cause. Effective fundraising is based and driven by numbers.
Establish a realistic financial goal. How much does your organization need to raise? Being aware of this amount will help you choose a fundraiser that is going to be effective and rewarding.

Decide on a time line that is practical. When is the money needed that you are raising? Set exact beginning and ending dates for your fundraiser. Organization of time is very important when bringing people together toward a common goal.

Plan The Fundraiser:
Select a fundraising program as far in advance as possible to provide plenty of time for planning, especially during any holiday seasons. If your organization has an event calendar, be sure your event is included in the calendar as well.

Avoid "fundraising fatigue" among parents and volunteers by conducting fewer programs that are more effective, unique and rewarding individually.

Do your best not to allow your fundraising profits to become erroded by unforeseen "hidden" costs such as shipping, setup costs, etc. Get this information up front.

Manage The Fundraiser:
Keep involvment levels high by communicating before, during and after the program. Remind parents, teachers, coaches, managers and other volunteers of the fundraiser's goals and campain timeline. Provide concise status reports and updates to keep everyone informed about the campain's progress.

Avoid shipping and ordering problems by working closely with volunteers to assure that all order forms are legible and filled out completely. After the forms are turned in is not when you want unexpected problems to surface.

Communicate with people that could not be present that may have missed important fundraiser meetings.