FallTech Heavy-duty Loop and Screw Carabiner Tool Lanyard 5027H

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1.00 LBS
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Made In USAThe 5027H by FallTech is a heavy-duty loop and screw carabiner tool lanyard that has a 15 lbs tool capacity. The 5027E tool lanyard expands from 38" to 48". This is a beneficial accessory not only for the user but also anyone who might be in the fall zone.


  • Material Specifications
    Webbing: Polyester: Min. 200 lbs. tensile strength
    Connectors: Aluminum; WLL = 125 lbs.

  • Performance Specifications
    Tensile Strength: Min. 125 lbs.
    Max. Capacity:15 lbs

  • Propreitary combination of long-wearing tubular web and elastic cord interior
  • Expands smoothly with user's reach to reduce fatigue and contracts easily to original length when not in use
  • Prevents injuiries to workers belowe due to dropped tools