Sunrise Case of 25 SunGard FR Coveralls with Zipper Front 25120

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16.00 LBS
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The 25120 by Sunrise is a disposable coverall that features SunGard FR technology that is designed be worn over FR apparel. Protecting your FR garments from spray, spills, splashes, etc., the 25120 comes with a zipper front and collar. Worn alone, this garment does NOT meet standards for flame resistant clothing, such as NFPA 70E or NFPA 2112.

While ordinary disposable protective apparel offers excellent protection from liquid, chemical, or particulate hazards, these garments are often unsuitable for use over durable thermal protective garments. Because they are not flame retardant, ordinary protective apparel will melt and drip when exposed to large-scale flames. In many instances, using non-flame retardant protective apparel may actually contribute to burn injury. Limited use protective apparel made of SunGard FR is engineered to be worn over thermal protective garments and protect workers by preserving the maximum insulative capacity of thermal protective garments, while providing a barrier to other non-thermal hazards.

SunGard FR Garments protect workers and their thermal protective clothing from: Paint, grease, oil, dirt, and asbestos hazardous dry particulate.

Wearing SunGard FR garments will help reduce the cost of maintaining durable thermal protective clothing, such as Nomex IIIA.

Available in sizes LG - 4XL

Sold by the Case of 25 ($4.79 per suit)


  • OSHA Level C
  • Zipper Front
  • Collar
Size Chart
Size Chart