Heat Stress Relief

Heat Stress Relief

Heat Stress Relief Clothing and Cooling Products for Work

When it is so hot on the job, we all need a little help with staying cool. You will find that Safety Smart Gear has a large variety of easy to find cooling products in found in Cooling Vests, Hats & Sun Shades & Head & Neck Cooling categories found on this page.

Does your company comply with OSHA's newly revised NEP?

National Emphasis Program (NEP) - to protect employees from heat-related hazards and resulting injuries and illnesses in outdoor and indoor workplaces. This NEP expands on the agency’s ongoing heat-related illness prevention initiative and campaign by setting forth a targeted enforcement component and reiterating its compliance assistance and outreach efforts. This approach is intended to encourage early interventions by employers to prevent illnesses and deaths among workers during high heat conditions, such as working outdoors in a local area experiencing a heat wave, as announced by the National Weather Service. Source: OSHA.gov

Did you know that according to OSHA, heat stress causes at least 300 deaths each year? It's a fact that working under warm conditions can be hazardous. Fortunately, heat stress can be easily avoided. These products help keep heat stress in check by cooling or keeping you cooler on the job. Miracool rechargeable neck wraps, hard hat shades and cooling vests provide you with the heat stress relief needed to stay focused and safe on the jobsite. Discounted pricing available on qualifying quantities.

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