Leading manufacturer of safety vests, winter jackets, T-shirts and high visibility clothing.

Occunomix Safety Clothing

As a top maker of high visibility and flame resistant clothing for companies around the world, Occunomix safety products can help protect you from workplace accidents and the discomforts and dangers of hot, cold or rainy environments and weather conditions. OccuNomix develops high quality safety clothing that helps employers meet OSHA regulations for industrial safety with high quality products at very competitive prices. Safety Smart Gear is proud to offer customers the lowest prices and largest selection of Occunomix hi vis products found online. View featured Hi Vis T-shirts that are available in both yellow or orange and made with top quality materials and reflective striping to meet safety standards. Here is a popular Occunomix Bomber Jacket that has been a big seller over the recent years. Sweatshirts are available in both Class 2 and Class 3 options depending on your job requirements and needs.