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Safety Clothing

Where do I find safety clothing?

hi-vis-t-shirt-1.jpgWhen you need clothes for work that will give you the most protection a garment can provide, look no further because you came to the right place. Safety Smart Gear has a huge selection of high visibility safety clothing, a large catalog of flame resistant apparel and top brands of personal protective equipment. 

ANSI Class 2 Safety VestsANSI Class 3 Safety Vests 

Safety Clothes for Work

Most job safety clothing requirements are based on safety standards. You can shop for apparel on this site by considering the ANSI standard required by your workplace to meet or exceed compliance of these standards.

ANSI Class 2 T-ShirtsANSI Class 2 T-Shirts

There are new ANSI standard "Types" that apply to safety clothing. These "Types" are the following:

Type O – (“Off-Road”) Occupational HVSA for Non-Roadway Use
Safety ClothingEnvironments which pose stuck-by hazards from moving vehicles, equipment and machinery, but will not include expose to traffic on public access highway rights-of-way or roadway temporary traffic control (TTC) zones.

Type R – (“Roadway”) Occupational HVSA for Roadway Use
Environments which include exposure to traffic (vehicles using the highway for purposes of travel) from public access highway rights-of-way, or roadway TTC zones or from work vehicles and construction equipment within a roadway TTC zone

Type P – (“Public Safety”) Occupational HVSA for Emergency and Incident Responders and Law Enforcement Personnel

Environments which include exposure to traffic from public access highway rights-of-way, or roadway TTC zones, or from work vehicles and construction equipment within a roadway TTC zone or from equipment and vehicles within the activity area.

Provides additional options for emergency responders, incident responders and law enforcement who have competing hazards or require access to special equipment.

ANSI Class 2 SweatshirtsANSI Class 3 Sweatshirts

ANSI Class

All classes are defined by the amount of certified high vis material and certified reflective tape

Class 1 – Minimal Performance

Class 2 - Typically a standard vest but can also be any garment that does not have tape on the sleeves

Class 3 - Must have sleeves with tape that fully encircles the sleeves

Class E – Not a performance class. Only intended to be worn with Class 2 or Class 3 garments

When combined with a Class 2 garment, the wearer is now Class 3. When worn alone Class E is not a recognized high visibility garment

ANSI Class 3 Rain Jackets - ANSI Class E Rain Pants