Hats & Sun Shades

Hats & Sun Shades

Hats & Sun Shades

Hats & Sun Shades for Heat Stress Relief

The sun's rays can cause heat stress. But with the right gear, you can reduce your risk of heat injury by staying in the shade and wearing the right hat. These hats and sun shades for workers will keep you protected from direct sunlight. Stay in the shade with these wide brim hats and other styles designed to keep your temperature in check.

Hats to Help Stay Out of Sun

The right hat will keep you cool & comfortable, whether you're working in the sun or staying cool in the shade. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, so all your needs are met. Our wide brim hats are designed to keep you sweat-free, comfortable & safe in the height of summer. Our sun shades are also an excellent choice for keeping just the right amount of sunlight off your skin. See also: Cooling Vests, Head & Neck Cooling

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