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PIP High Visibility T-Shirt & Rain Gear Sale!

You are going to save big on Class 2 or Class 3 safety garments this Spring for you and the whole crew. These prices won't last long... get them now! Offer Ends: July 31, 2019. is having a SALE on select PIP Hi Vis T-Shirts & Hi Vis Rain Gear!

310-1100310-1100 - PIP Non-ANSI Hi Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt 310-1100

310-1150B - PIP Non-ANSI Hi Vis Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Black Sides 310-1150B

310-950B - PIP Non-ANSI Hi Vis Moisture Wicking T-Shirt with Black Sides 310-950B

310-CNTSN - PIP Non-ANSI Safety T-Shirt 310-CNTSN

312-1200 - PIP Class 2 Hi Vis Short Sleeve T-Shirt 312-1200

312-1250B - PIP Class 2 Hi Vis Short Sleeve T-Shirt Black Bottom 312-1250B

312-1350B - PIP Class 2 Hi Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt Black Bottom 312-1350B

312-1360B - PIP Class 2 Hi Vis Moisture Wicking Black Bottom T-Shirt with Segmented Tape 312-1360B

313-1300 - PIP Class 3 Hi Vis Long Sleeve T-Shirt 313-1300

313-1375B - PIP Class 3 Hi Vis Black Bottom Long Sleeve with Segmented Tape 313-1375B

313-1400 - Stock level at 100%PIP Class 3 Hi Vis X Back T-Shirt PIP 313-1400

313-CNTSE - PIP Class 3 Hi Vis Short Sleeve Tee Shirt 313-CNTSE

313-CNTSELY-PRI18W - PIP Class 3 Hi Vis T-Shirt with Pritex Antimicorbial Sleeve 313-CNTSELY-PRI18W

313-CNTSP - PIP Class 3 Hi Vis Short Sleeve T-Shirt Two Tone Tape 313-CNTSP

333-WB - PIP Class 3 Hi Vis Windbreaker 333-WB

353-1000 - PIP Class 3 Hi Vis Two-Piece Rainsuit 353-1000

353-1048 - PIP Hi Vis Class 3 Raincoat 353-1048

390-PC099 - PIP FR Cooling Packs 390-PC099

390-EZFRPC - PIP FR Cooling Vest 390-EZFRPC 

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