FR Material Reference


Flame Resistant Clothing Material Reference

Uncertain about which FR material will work best for your FRC needs? Here is a reference that explains the various flame resistant fabrics commonly used in the manufacture of FRC. Make an informed decision about what is going to work best for the type of protection you need on the jobsite. These various FR fabrics are designed for flame protection of different levels under a range of working conditions. Safety Smart Gear cannot be liable for improper use. If you are uncertain about which FR clothing meets your needs please contact your safety officer. Safety Smart Gear can provide you with the manufacturers specifications of any of the products well sell upon request.
EXCEL FR / Bulwark Trademark
Made from 100% cotton, Excel is comfortable and 100% flame resistant. Excel cotton clothing provides unparalleled protection while working in foundries, flame cutting or welding environments. It is also widely used in electric utilities, chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas and industries. Excel cotton is treated to permanently insure flame resistance for the life of the garment.
EXCEL FR ComforTouch / Bulwark Trademark
Made with a combination of cotton for comfort and nylon for durability Excel Comfortouch is manufactured using a blend of 88% cotton and 12% nylon providing long garment life and FR protection for just about all work environments. It is suitable for applications involving ferrous metals, electric utilities, chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industry applications. Excel FR ComforTouch fabric is engineered so that the flame resistance lasts for the life of the clothing.
Nomex IIIA By DuPont
Nomex IIIA fabric is preferred by industry workers in petrochemical and refinery environments because it is inherently flame resistant, breathable as well as lightweight. This combination makes it comfortable as well as providing superior flame protection. It also is a smart choice for electric and gas utility personnel. Nomex IIIA is made from a blend of fibers that consists of 93% Nomex, Aramid, 5% Kevlar Aramid and 2% other fiber. Garments made from Nomex IIIA fabric are extremely durable and are not susceptible to damage by laundering.
Tecasafe Plus FR fabric are manufactured by TenCate. This blended material provides inherent flame-resistant protection in a lightweight, abrasion resistant fabric with wicking properties that help keep you cool when you need it most. Tecasafe provides softness along with lasting durability and HRC2 Arc protection. It is also one of the only FR fabrics that can meet ANSI Class visibility requirements when dyed, unlike cotton or Nomex FR materials.
INDURA By Westex
Indura was the first flame resistant cotton made to provide guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment it is made of. It has been, and still is widely used in the manufacture of FR denim jeans, jackets, coveralls and pants in the metals industries. Indura provides protection from electric arc flash, flash fire, welding exposures and molten ferrous metals. It is available in 7oz, 9oz, 12oz and 14 oz weights ranging from HRC1 for the 7oz. to HRC2 for the 9oz through 14oz material weights. Meets ASTM F1506
INDURA Ultrasoft By Westex Ultrasoft is a blended FR fabric made from 88% Cotton and 12% High Tenacity Nylon. This material is guaranteed by Westex to meet ASTM F1506 for the life of the garment. Ultrasoft is available in various colors and fabric weights.
Cool Touch / South Mills Trademark
Cool Touch is a combination of 65% Nomex and 35% viscose Rayon. Cool Touch is available in a lightweight 4.5 oz woven fabric and was developed as a cooler alternative to Nomex IIIA by itself.
Cool Touch 2 / South Mills Trademark A 7 oz. version of Cool Touch with HRC2 level flame protection.
Lenzing FR
Made from a natural raw material with flame resistant properties throughout the cross section of the fiber. Lenzing FR helps keep the body dry and cool while providing permanent flame resistance regardless of the number of launderings. It is also eco friendly and protects against electrical arc, radiant heat, molten metal and flash fire hazards.
Polartec by Polartec LLC
Polartec is manufactured in a number of fabric combination to suit a wide variety of protection and comfort levels*.
* Polartec Power Dry FR has properties that provide permanent moisture control as well as flame resistance. It is a patented bi-component knit providing different surfaces for the inside and outside layer. The inside layer touching the skin draws moisture way from the body transferring the moisture to the outer layer allowing it to evaporate.
* Polartec Power Stretch FR is a moisture wicking fabric that also provides a 4 way stretch capability for increased comfort. This allows all day comfort without restriction of body movement.
* Polartec Thermal FR allows warmth without excessive weight and provides excellent breathability as well as greatly reduced dry times. *Polartec Thermal FR forms air pockets which retain body heat. It is durable as well as comfortable.

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