Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection - HPD

"Ear protective devices inserted in the ear shall be fitted or determined individually by competent persons." - * OSHA 29 CFR 1926.101(b)

Protect your hearing with Radians hearing protective devices (HPD). Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees on the job and make them aware of industry and PPE regulations and standards that have been put in place to help keep employees safe and healthy. offers a selection of disposable ear plugs, corded, passive earmuffs and electronic hearing protection from the quality Radians product line. All at great values with fast shipping direct from the manufacturer.

Should you choose EAR MUFFS or EAR PLUGS? 
It's mostly a personal preference, however there are advantages and disadvantages to each style.

  Advantages Disadvantages
  • Easy to confirm that the hearing protection device is being worn
  • Easier for the wearer to put on properly
  • Can be equipped with active noise cancelling for improved protection in high-noise areas
  • Can be equipped with radios for entertainment or improved communications
  • No need to place anything into the ear (some people just don't like that)
  • Ear muffs will tend to last longer than ear plugs designed for re-use.
  • Over-the-ear HPD is heavier and hotter than in-the-ear plugs
  • Ear muffs are generally more expensive than ear plugs
  • Requires regular inspection and maintenance of muff spring band, shell, and sealing pads
  • Safety glasses could interfere with muff seal and can affect noise attenuation by up to 10 decibels
  • Long hair may interfere with a good protective seal around the ear
  • Lighter and cooler to wear
  • Eye glasses or long hair do not affect the performance of the HPD
  • For the most part have a higher noise reduction rating than ear muffs
  • Wide variety of types and sizes to suit most comfort preferences
  • Generally less expensive than ear muffs
  • Available in disposable form - great for large workforce requirements
  • More difficult to check for compliance
  • Can be more difficult to properly insert; may require some instruction on proper use
  • Some people don't like to put anything into their ears; can be uncomfortable for some
  • If reusable plugs are used, they require regular washing
  • Re-usable ear plugs typically don't last as long as ear muffs
  • In construction, 29 CFR 1926.101*, require fitting by competent person
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