Safety is Just Not All About Men

Safety is Just Not All About Men

Hey guys and girls, safety is not just about the men in protective clothing, hi vis or FR. It is no secret that most safety apparel is designed, manufactured and marketed for, and, to men. Well, things have changed and finally are real world choices for women and kids.

Safety Clothing for Women

Find stylish, form fitting and comfortable Women's Hi Vis and FR clothing for women at Safety Smart Gear. There are safety vests for women in different colors, sizes and layouts. Women's hi vis jackets, hoodies, pants and accessories can all be browsed on the website. Did we also mention that these are all at discounted prices? Yes, you can save up to 40% off retail by shopping here.

Hi Vis Clothing for Kids and Children

As a recent addition to the Safety Smart Gear catalog, you will discover children's high visibility clothing. This safety apparel for kids offer the same hi vis protection as its grown-up counterparts. View the children's hi vis jackets and safety vests at Hi Vis Kids.

Apr 6th 2021 SSG

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