PIP 58-8030 ProCoat PVC Dipped Wholesale Safety Gloves Interlock Liner Box of 120

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44.00 LBS
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ProCoat® PVC Dipped Glove, box of 12. The interlock lining dries quickly, sheds little lint and offers great dexterity. Popular glove style for mining, construction, refining, petrochemicals and handling oily materials. Single dip construction provides seamless fit, while black color styles hide dirt, and straight cuff adds additional length to protect the forearm from liquid run-off.


  • Available in Men's One Size
  • ANSI Cut Level 1
  • EB388:4121
  • European Conformity
  • Procoat Pvc Gloves
  • Smooth Finish
  • Black, 12" Length
  • Interlock Lined
Size Chart
Size Chart