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Fall Protection

Fall Protection Gear - Fall Arrest - Fall Restraint

Safety Smart Gear now carries Fall Protection gear and equipment from top manufacturers such as FallTech. Fall Protection safety equipment provides fall arrest, fall restraint, fall protection, rescue, work positioning and climbing protection. The products include: Anchorage, Bodywear, Connectors, Devices, Harnesses, Anchors, Lanyards / SRLS, Tool Lanyards, Accessories and Rescue Gear. We invite you to browse the many products below or to learn more about the safety standards related to fall protection gear. View the Fall Protection FAQ.

learn more about the safety standards related to fall protection gear

Falls can occur from a large variety of locations throughout the work area, including ladders, scaffolding, roofs, and unprotected edges.

A major contributor to falls, however, is a simple lack of knowledge about how to best prevent them. Learning about strategies for fall prevention, such as installing guardrails, using toe boards, tying off to appropriate anchors, and blocking openings, can all dramatically reduce the likelihood of falls.

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