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Safety Vests

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Page of 6 offers a wide selection safety vests including adjustable, break away, x back, DOT vests, traffic, construction, surveyors and electricians vests. Our prices range from $2.25 up to around $100.00 for flame resistant, made in USA safety vests. We provide choices from both import and made in USA safety vests.

Visibility requirements for safety vests worn by people in the workplace such as road crews, construction workers, railroad personnel, first responders and others involved in situations where the visibility is important in regards to safety. ANSI has set guidelines for determining proper visibility classes.

There are currently 3 classes. ANSI 107 Class 2 vests, ANSI 107 Class 3 and the ANSI 207 Class safety vests. Public safety personnel can wear a modified version on the Class 2 safety vest, which the ANSI 207 visibility class. The 207 class visibility standard allows for less background material in order to accommodate a shorter waist for access to utility belts for EMS and firefighter personnel and weapons access for police.