3 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Glasses from Fogging while Wearing a Face mask

3 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Glasses from Fogging while Wearing a Face mask

Everybody who must wear eyeglasses knows how annoying it is when you must also wear a face mask that extends up over your nose. The inevitable fog that soon appears on your glasses sometimes becomes an outright safety hazard. At the least, it’s very bothersome, as every exhaled breath sends “breath fog” directly onto your lenses, building up from the bottom. The more you breathe, or the heavier the breaths, the worse it becomes. Aside from wearing contact lenses instead of spectacles (not everyone as that option), there are a few very simple ways to reduce or stop this from happening.

The reason this happens is due to tiny droplets of moisture within your breath making its way onto the surface of your eyeglass lenses. This is especially apparent when going from a cool environment to a warm environment, as everyone who wears glasses knows.

  1. So, before donning a facemask, be sure to wash your eyeglasses in this special way. First, use soapy water to wash them, then rinse. A quality mild dish washing soap works fine. But, don’t wipe them dry, instead shake off the excess water and let them air dry. The reason for this is simple: a very thin soapy film (known as a surfactant) will remain on your lenses that will disperse moisture. So, when your warm breath carrying moisture hits the lenses, the moisture will rapidly dissipate.
  2. Another backup method to keeping moisture from forming on your spectacles is to use a small piece of tissue or fine cloth over the bridge of your nose, underneath the facemask. This will help trap and prevent the moist breath from hitting your eyeglass lenses. However, this only works if the mask is solid enough to cause a good seal between the tissue or cloth and the face.
  3. Finally, a great way to reduce or prevent lens fog is to select a face mask with molding built into the seam of the fabric that fits over the bridge of your nose, such as the District VTI 3-Ply Cotton-Poly Shaped Face Mask (DTMSK01). These shapable facemasks can be molded to fit your nose, and the snug fit will help prevent air from escaping the mask and blowing up underneath your eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses and Masks

Most eyeglasses wearers prefer methods (1) and (3). Placing a piece of tissue on the bridge of your nose can be a little inconvenient and a bit of a nuisance, but it’s useful when all else fails. It’s good to know there are things we can do to make our mask-wearing experience a little better and safer. With all the choices available in the marketplace, and many face masks are made in USA, it’s good to know there are options available to make the best of your situation as a prescription lens wearer.

Jul 6th 2020 Bill Bowman

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