Sunrise Case of 25 Suntech Cool Suits CO120

12.00 LBS
$83.20 - $94.81


The CO120 by Sunrise is a disposable coverall cool suit featuring Suntech technology that utilizes a 45 gram spunbond polypropylene back panel. Suntech is a Micro-porous Film laminate material bonded to a substrate of spun-bonded polypropylene providing barrier protection, comfort and strength. Suntech is a limited use protective apparel made of the company's innovative fabric . Suntech is constructed of spun-bonded polypropylene and laminated to Sunrise's new micro-porous film to provide a superior combination of strength, barrier protection, and breath-ability. Designed to provide high tensile strength and flexibility, this exciting new fabric allows Sunrise to fill the gap between performance and cost in protective clothing. Suntech protective apparel is available in four styles of coveralls, shirts, pants, lab coats and sleeve covers. The perfect solution for a broad range of non-hazardous applications, protective garments made of Suntech offer superior strength, excellent wear ability, a high degree of dry particulate holdout, and protection against non-hazardous liquids. Suntech is also offers excellent barrier protection against blood-born pathogens.

Available Sizes in Large - 4XL

Sold by the Case of 25

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  • OSHA Level C
  • 45 gram spunbond polypropylene back panel
  • Spun-bonded polypropylene for high tensile strength and flexibility
  • Micro-porous film laminate provides superior combination of barrier protection and breath-ability.
  • High degree dry particulate holdout to protect against the effects of chemical dusts, paint sprays, asbestos, and other airborne dusts.
  • Designed for a broad range of non-hazardous applications including paint, spray, and fiberglass applications, general cleanup, pressure washing, non-hazardous liquid handling, tank cleaning, and printing.
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Suntech™ Cool
45 Gram Spunbond Polypropylene Back Panel
Zipper Front
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