Be Seen - Be Safe - Be Smart

Be Seen - Be Safe - Be Smart

Are You Trying to Catch Hi Vis Deals?

To be seen, you will need bright, high visibility colors like yellow, lime or orange. To be safe, you will need proper safety certified garments that are appropriate for the job like hi vis apparel that has reflective material, ANSI Class 2, ANSI Class 3 etc. To be smart, you will need to run around the internet trying to catch the best deals on hi vis clothing only to find out Safety Smart Gear is the solution for price and service. We encourage you to compare pricing from trusted safety sources and we are sure you will find in most instances the savings will happen with us. 

40% Off Retail, plus Promo Codes, Plus FREE Shipping!

Workers and buyers for crews can't believe the deals they get at Safety Smart Gear when they shop for high visibility clothing, FR apparel and PPE. Up to 40% off retail prices is standard fare at SSG (Safety Smart Gear), but when you combine that with frequent promo codes found on the sales page, you will be thrilled. Don't forget that you get free shipping on all orders over $149. in the lower 48 states.

Bulk Discounts for Large Quantity Orders

There are two additional methods that will help you save even more at SSG. If you are ordering quantities of over 26 items, you can get more savings by:

1. Getting an online quote by using the Bulk Order form.


2. Calling Live Customer Service: 508-248-3141 or 877-999-4847 

Congratulations, now you know the secrets of catching hi vis deals online or by phone!

May 4th 2021 SSG

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