Energy Industries and Safety Clothing

Energy Industries and Safety Clothing

Discover Why Workers in Solar, Wind, Oil & Gas and Electric Energy Choose Safety Smart Gear

Personal Protective Equipment is an essential part of every solar installation. It’s the employer’s job to assess the workplace for hazards and provide the PPE deemed necessary for the employee’s safety. Hard hats, gloves and steel-toed shoes with rubber soles are among the commonly required PPE for solar projects.

Employees are in turn responsible for using PPE in accordance with their employer’s instructions, maintaining it in a safe and reliable condition and requesting replacements when necessary.

Risk is part of running any business, but when it comes to an employee’s safety and health, risk should be avoided at all cost. Proactive safety planning and its successful implementation on the job can help ensure that accidents don’t happen.

If you work in one of the energy industries, we invite you to visit the article about each energy sector how it affects employee safety and what garments are need to be within compliance.

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energy industries and safety apparel

Jul 28th 2019 SSG

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