FR Sweatshirts Protect You

FR Sweatshirts Protect You

The worker's protection and warmth are important things to consider while constructing a garment for cold weather. The flame resistant sweatshirts are designed for workers who are involved in professions that have a higher risk of exposure to fire or are not protected against these flames, like oil, gas, or solar.

Flexible and Durable FR Hoodies and Flame Resistant Sweatshirts

These garments have the properties of being lightweight, flexible, and durable. Worker's safety is always on the forefront for any company, so manufacturers have created FR Sweatshirts that can protect their employees from being harmed by flame. These sweatshirts and FR Hoodies have been created with various styles of zip-ups and pullovers that provide an ample amount of comfort, roominess, and breathability while protecting with flame resistance.

FR Can Be Comfortable and Fashionable

It is hard to find flame-resistant clothing that is also comfortable and fashionable. Flame-resistant sweatshirts and hoodies can be an excellent asset for the worker's protection.

FR Sweatshirts and Hoodies help reduce the risk of injury by providing a layer of protection from accidental contact with flame and heat. In addition, they also provide insulation from harsh winter conditions, which makes them a great option for the workplace during cold weather.

Safety Smart Gear has a large selection of FR Sweatshirts to choose from.

Nov 9th 2021 SSG

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