Hard Hats and Head Protection

Hard Hats and Head Protection

Why use a hard hat for head protection?

Hard Hats protect the wearer from serious head injuries that can occur from impact while on the job. Safety Smart Gear has been supplying workers with hard hats and various forms of head protection for almost 15 years. You will find many styles, colors and levels of protection the conform to your head and the regulations of the workplace. All hard hats are within compliance of OSHA and safety approved head protection gear.

How does a hard hat work?

A suspension band inside the hard hat provides protection to the wearer as it helps reduce the blunt force taken to the head by acting as a buffer of 1.2 inches between the shell and skull.

What are hard hats used for?

They are used as a rigid protective helmet and worn by factory and building workers and many other professions that need head protection. It is of utmost importance to protect a workers head from injury such as falling objects, impact, debris, wet weather and electrical mishaps.

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Nov 26th 2019 SSG

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