Hi Vis Accessories Complete the Protection

Hi Vis Accessories Complete the Protection

High visibility accessories are a perfect way to make sure you stay safe on the job site. Hi vis gloves, high visibility insulated knit hats, balaclavas and orange/ yellow/reflective beanies will make sure not only your body is safe but also your face from wind and rain. Gaiters and hard hats will ensure that you don't get any scratches or scrapes from any debris on the ground while being seen.

Safety is Top Priority with Hi Vis Accessories

Safety should always be a top priority when working on a construction site. With these new safety upgrades it's easier to stay safe while doing your job every day.

Hi Vis Gloves

There are several types of hi vis glove configurations and styles available at Safety Smart Gear. From mechanics gloves, cowhide leather driver gloves, winter lined gloves, cut protection, nitrile palm, kevlar and many other styles while complete your worker's protection.

High Visibility Hats

You will find LED hi vis beanies or insulated knit yellow or orange hats with several size options. There are also Non-ANSI options for bight color head protection for warmth and visibility, like Tough Duck Aviator Hats or Mesh Ranger Hats. If your choice is baseball hats, you will enjoy these Pyramex Hi Vis Lime Baseball Bump Caps!

Don't delay, complete your hi vis protective clothing outfit that bests suits you and meets your job's needs or standards.

Nov 2nd 2021 SGG

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