​Hi Vis Hoodies and Pullovers up to 25% Off

​Hi Vis Hoodies and Pullovers up to 25% Off

High Visibility Hoodies and Pullovers up to 25% Off at SafetySmartGear.com

The worker's safety is the most important thing on the job; safetysmartgear.com has the gear you need to keep your employees safe on the job at super low discount pricing. This includes all the most popular and top brands of safety clothing.

Reflective Hoodies

Reflective hoodies and pullovers are perfect for jobs like construction workers, electricians, or anyone working outside in dark conditions or around traffic. They reflect when light hits them, letting drivers know that they're there at night or in foggy conditions while also letting passing cars see them during the day. Our reflective hoodies come in both ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 or non-ANSI safety ratings depending on the industry they will be worn in, so you can find one that’s best suited for your work environment. 

Protective Pullovers and Hooded Outerwear

SafetySmartGear.com offers the best high visibility hoodies for your needs. You can get these reflective hoodies, high visibility pullovers, and much more protective clothing online at their website.

Jan 4th 2022 SSG

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