Pyramex Eye Protection by the Dozen

Pyramex Eye Protection by the Dozen

Safety Smart Gear carries a large selection of Pyramex Safety Glasses sold by the dozen to pass on to you the best prices you can find. Large variety of safety glasses for all eye protection and job requirements, needs and purposes.

Why Choose Pyramex Glasses?

Pyramex Safety Glasses offer eye protection and serve as a protective barrier against many different types of hazards. At Pyramex, they believe in providing you with the best quality workwear and safety accessories. You will never have to worry about the quality of their products.

Pyramex Safety Glasses are perfect for any occasion. If you need eye protection, they provide a number of different lens options so you can find the perfect glass for your job or hobby.

Awesome Styles and Glasses Configurations

As a leading provider in protective gear, our company provides only the very best when it comes to eye protection.

Eye protection is important during any time of day and Pyramex has what you need with a variety of styles and colors available for purchase here on our website! 

Some the of the styles include: Pyramex Intruder, Pyramex G204, Pyramex Integra, Pyramex Alair, Pyramex Ztech and Pyramex Provost

Eye Protection

Eye Protection provides you with protection from flying debris and scratches that can come from any type of work environment. We carry a wide selection of Pyramex Safety Glasses to fit any need you might have, so feel free to check them out today!

Sep 21st 2021 SSG

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