Pyramex Welding Helmets

Pyramex Welding Helmets

These high tech welding helmets from Pyramex are not your grandpa's head protection. They are super modern, cool looking and full of smart functions and arc sensors.

Head Protection for Welders

Pyramex is a specialized manufacturer of head protection equipment for welders. The company manufactures a wide range of products including welding helmets, face shields and goggles. Pyramex is committed to providing high quality products at affordable prices in order to protect welders in all types of workplace environments.

High Speed Lenses

High speed lenses to provide welders with 1-30,000 second of protection from harmful UV/IR rays that cause retina burns and cataracts. In addition to this, our independent arc sensors ensure that the lens is always optimally set for each weld process. The high speed lens is powered by solar cells and a replaceable lithium-battery and are controlled manually.

Comfortable and Configurable 

Made with high-impact resistant nylon, this style design provides superior comfort as a pivot style headgear and fully adjustable nylon suspension. There are four independent arc sensors in a staggered design that deliver reliable arc detection. This helmet also include a magnification lens holder. 

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Oct 14th 2021 SSG

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