Wholesale Eye Protection

Wholesale Eye Protection

One of the most widely used PPE items in the workplace worn is safety glasses. With many styles and configurations of eye protection available, Safety Smart Gear can help you acquire the right safety glasses combination for your team. Sold by the dozen or case options available.

Top Safety Glasses Brands

Some employees want the option to look "cool" and some just want practicality or comfort. Find amazing styles of glasses and goggles from top brands such as; Crossfire, Pyramex, Radians, Carhartt and DeWalt. 

Pyramex Safety Glasses

Choose from the many styles of Pyramex Safety Glasses. Some the of the styles include: Pyramex Intruder, Pyramex G204, Pyramex Integra, Pyramex Alair, Pyramex Ztech and Pyramex Provost.

Crossfire Safety Glasses

Shop for Crossfire's most sought after, premium eye protection such as:
ES4, ES5, Sniper, RPG, Infinity, AR3, M6A, XCBR, Crossfire 24Seven, Crossfire Blade, Crossfire Shield, Crossfire Brigade, Crossfire Talon, and Crossfire Sniper.

Safety Eye Glasses Configurations

Shop almost 200 styles of ANSI Z87 rated eye wear and safety goggles. We offer a diverse selection of lens colors, frame styles, polarized and bifocal styles with high end designs made for use by the Construction Industry, Utility Companies, Police, Military and Extreme Sports Enthusiasts. Don't take chances and provide yourself with the finest in eye protection wear.

Choose from:

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