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Blaklader Rip Stop Pants 169013309900


$69.95 - $70.95
2.11 LBS
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Product Overview

The 169013309900 by Blaklader are rip stop pants. Made with a blend of rip-stop 250 g/m2 60% cotton and 40% polyester, these durable pants are reinforced with Cordura throughout several stress points. Stretch panels and pre-bent knees make these pants nearly impossible to tear apart. Every pocket is reinforced with Cordura along with the leg bottom and adjustable leg hem.


  • 60% Cotton 40% Polyester
  • Cordura Reinforced
  • Available in Sizes: 30x30, 30x32, 30x34, 32x28, 32x30, 32x32, 32x34, 34x30, 34x32, 34x34, 34x36, 36x30, 36x32, 36x34, 36x36, 38x30, 38x32, 38x34, 38x36, 40x30, 40x32, 40x34, 40x36, 42x30, 42x32, 42x34, 44x30, 44x32, 44x34

Size Chart

Size Chart